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Pound shop finds!

LETS get started. The title is a lie.

It wasnt a pound shop.

I have successfully gained the much coveted ‘big brother’ (not 1984) boxed game.

To call it a game is being a tad unfair to the medium. More of a half-hearted ramble into the moray of vapidity.



Specialist dice cost far too much.

Bucketload of D6’s? Oh yes. tons for a tenner.

Standard array? Sets so cheap the postage is usually more expensive.

Metal dice ? HO HO NO. T’would be cheaper to build a forge and buy surplus gold from the foundry and cast thine own.



Luckily you can get away with a standard array for 80% of the time.

Unless you play ORKS you need MORE DAKKA, everpresent in the form of the aforementioned BUCKET of d6’s (60 should suffice).


Musing: Additional use for d4’s ¬†(the damage used for caltrops in some D&D editions) as actual caltrops ?


Non-standard dice are expensive. Weird shops sell tat.



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The mind of a GM, player and general nerdistry.

Evening all,

Your friendly metal GM here ( A title I relish and choose for myself) with a word of caution and love.

Never be a GM!

You will be ruined evermore!

Whilst the life of a GM (Games master) is a glamorous one, filled with wealth, adoration and wisdom beyond measure – not to mention the fawning of peasants at your heels !- you will not be able to be a player again, nor will you be able to relax and take a moment to reach nirvana without a stray though entering your delicious meatspace .

Ohmmmmm…mm.. but what if they had to go into the sewers for a mission.. Does this town HAVE sewers? Is it a thrown together sewer solution a-la trenches and buckets and a handy nearby river (London – Thames *cough*) or a well-thought out underground waterway capable of holding a team on 8 and their horses , what if they have Packmules??? Egads, wheres the inner peace gone?!

Caveat :

IF you are running an open world adventure there is little use planning. Players WILL do the one thing you haven’t chosen. Every time. So don’t plan. Know how the world works then spin lore at a record pace on the fly !



I will be playing RPGs whenever able and attempting to suppress the inner GM every time as a player, then as as a GM I shall be running RPGs wherein a single decision leads to incredible death or supreme wealth.

See you there!



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Who am I – Enazel / Dave Millington

Hi everyone. This is the inital post of a magpie gamer, I probably play regularly the most variation of games at the club bar a few. I also happy to the club treasurer, I am the one who hunts you down each week to get sub’s off you. For me this blog I going to use for all the different projects I am working on at any time, be it Relic Knight, Malifaux, Warmachine / Hordes, Guild Ball, Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, or many other games. So first off lets go though what I play regularly.

At present probably my main game is Guild Ball, I also happened to be  Pundit (volunteer that helps promote the game and run events), right now I playing Union, but also own Brewers and Morticians. So you probably see those around. I would expect to see match, tournament reports and videos from me with these teams involved.

On top of Guild ball, I play Warmachine / Hordes, the boys in blue of Cygnar (well mine are red and black), this is a game of steampunk fantasy, what happens when technology and magic work together. Big hulking robots and almost god like warcasters that control them.

While those 2 are what i class as my main games at present I also play Malifaux (Guild) a lot, and just started getting into Relic Knights (Star Nebula Corsairs), and back into Lord of the Rings (Isengard and Rohan).

All these projects have stuff on the go at present and as my partner would say my study as more Work in Progress figures for multiple games than most people would be able to deal with.

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