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Dark Age

Introduction to Dark Age Factions

Hey there, well as Dark Age is looking bigger locally I figured I do a little bit on what each of the factions are like and play style.

So Factions in Dark age break down into Factions and Subfactions (all the factions have a couple of sub factions within them which give a little more variation on playstyles.


The Last Bastion of humanity’s salvation on Samaria – if you believe the word of their religion.

Basically the remnants of Corpartions that left Samaria many years ago. Their armies are made up of two groups the Prevailers (the central army) and those loyal to the commands of the Saints. The Prevailers mostly about defending territory of New Ashkelon. While the Saints are the aggressive forces heading out into the wastes.

At present there is 6 Saints

Mark: The First Saint, mark is ambitious, cunning and charismatic he fights the alien Draygni. Mark’s elite Reavers and Shades are masters of subtlety and when necessary these assassins can be back up by the immensely powerful Junkers.

Mary: Captured and torturedf by the Skarrd, she escape and swore vengeance. She a protector of the people, and while denied much needed troops recruits whoever is available from barbaric criminals to holy men like Judah.

John: Perhaps the most powerful saint, he rules over large swath of the south. Heir to an industrial empire of wealtha nd power. He understands the value of human assets more than any other Saint and goes to great length to keep them safe.

Luke: Based to the eastern frontier, Luke is the most isolated of the saints. his forces are far from the centre. Often out numbered he uses Suprised maneuvers and strategies to pull victory from desperate situations.

Joan: Is the Grand Inquisitor and her forces are the bulwark against corruption and ecay. her forces excel in close combat, standing shoulder to shoulder with each other.

Issac: was never a religous man, his background is technology and that shows in his force, his forces have some of the most technological advantage equipiment in the forsaken’s armoury.

Prevailers: Fanned by the flames of xenophibia, relgious zealotry and bloodlust, the prevailers have seized total power over the forsaken. The soliders of Lilith’s army are a twisted huybrid of metal and flesh, a strange amalgram of CORE, Kukulkani impants and Skarrd grafts.

The Outcast

Humankind has survived in several ways in teh harsh environments of Samaria. While some prescribe to the strict laws of New Ashkelon, there are quite a few communities that live by the own codes. These are known as the Outcasts.

The scavengers from young Scuts and Wasteland Warriors, along the huilking Brutes. Under the tutelage and leadership of their Warchiefs.

The Chain Barrow Slavers turn to salver in order to make their living in the wastelands. A lot of Gladiator warriors, using terror and fear to get the slaves to fight.

The Salt Flat Nomads, who a myriad of small clans that roamed the weather-blasted flats divided by familial bbloodlines.

The Bounty Hunters

Wherever human civilisation rises, crime is sure to follow. Samerian Bounty Hunters seem to come from as many different walks of life as this hellish continent can create. So they all come with huge range of equipment and skills.

The Dragyri

The oldest known culter on Attr, but either the Dragyri are aliens. The Dragyri turned to shamanic mysticism and personal codes of Martial honour, turning from their old master Alteghran technological roots. They are split into elemental groups. They followed those that showed strength of arms and strength of spirit.

Ice Caste reveres close combat and strength of arms over all else.

Fire Caste with they new leader push them in a new direction. The use high tech weapons and armour designed by their former masters. Combined with their mastery over the destructive fire shamisism, they are a ruthless war machine that trades its honor for victory.

Shadow Caste are the master of terror and manipulation. Bring up the foul things they have at their command from the deepest depths, the caste vow to instill fear and anarchy in the world.

Air Cate, embodies agility, dexterity and the fury of the storms. They favour thrown weaponry and powerful mysticism.

Earth caste, were lost to history and only in the last few years awaken. Their were the bodyguards of ages past.

The Skarrd

The skarrd were once humans that long ago fled into the wastes, the tribes and cults that turned to their basest motivations and most animalistic instincts to survive. They fell into savage and barbaric practises, evolving into a new subspecies of Mankind. They engaged into cannibalism, become more resilent, larger and far more predatory over time.

Blood Cult, fuels iteself with the blood of their members as often as that of their victims. They push themselves to the limits of their bodies in order to adapt and move beyond physical pain and torment.

Toxic Cult takes the practise of exposing a person to small amounts of posion or ilness over a long period in order to eventually become immune to them and increase it it a hundredfold. They seek transformation and elightenmen through a saturation of deadly substances.

Cult of Metamorphosis lead by the heretic saint Johann, grafting technology with the human flesh to creat monsters to fight the war to come.

The Brood

The brood is an sentinet goo flushed into the swamps of Samria’s. It created the Brood Mere, this shifting mass of Rapidly-mutating life fell instantly into the biological programming it was designed for find new genetic materials and se them to create new and deadly lifeforms. From the slithering Puds serving as the million hungry mouths for the Brood Mere to the preadtory Borood Hounds who sniff out new targets, to the titanic monsters that served their mother’s hungry lured in the swamp to defend her territory. Once they found the original facility that created the goo it freed old creations from containment like MJB-4 and the Helexa Project. These become the first Generals in an army battling against genetic stagnation.

The Core

Just like the Brood, the core are creation of Humanity worst, they were built to be self propelled and replicating construction engines. The goal was to have a powerful and adaptive AI within a space probe that could be used to gather organic materials and build the structures for a new colony. The Core was exactly that, only problem is the Corpartions left and shut down the factory, it was turned on not long ago and the AI follows its programing, the problem is the most abudant organic material is the Forsaken. The core is made up of some of the biggest and scariest robots going. The core does not sleep, it knows no fear and it will not stop till it fulfills its prime directives.

The Kukulkani

The children of the Kuklkan are an alien warhost in the service to the Coatl. They are sent to planets to reap bio-energy from its inhabitants The Dragyri turned them way many thousands of years ago, but thousands of years later they are back, the homing in on the entropic cells of the Core batteries which are based off Kukulkani technology. Their are here to stop that and for vengeance of the Dragyni. There are a mixture of human genetically modified slaves and other alien creatures. From the flying serpents to the mighty Cabrakan.





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Warmachine Cygnar

Well at present I working on playing more Warmachine part of that is building a new Hurricane / Stormwall

This is the new kit from Privateer Press, and is the Hard Plastic that most people be familiar with from Games Workshop. So it comes on sprues and glues with the plastic cement.

Plan is to magnetised this to allow me to run either the Hurricane and Stormwall, so first job is to build it to a point where I can then work out where the magnets need to be placed. So stage one looks like

Next stage over the coming evenings will be to glue the weapons together and work out where magnets need to go to fit the 2 weapon sets together.


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Who am I – Enazel / Dave Millington

Hi everyone. This is the inital post of a magpie gamer, I probably play regularly the most variation of games at the club bar a few. I also happy to the club treasurer, I am the one who hunts you down each week to get sub’s off you. For me this blog I going to use for all the different projects I am working on at any time, be it Relic Knight, Malifaux, Warmachine / Hordes, Guild Ball, Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, or many other games. So first off lets go though what I play regularly.

At present probably my main game is Guild Ball, I also happened to be  Pundit (volunteer that helps promote the game and run events), right now I playing Union, but also own Brewers and Morticians. So you probably see those around. I would expect to see match, tournament reports and videos from me with these teams involved.

On top of Guild ball, I play Warmachine / Hordes, the boys in blue of Cygnar (well mine are red and black), this is a game of steampunk fantasy, what happens when technology and magic work together. Big hulking robots and almost god like warcasters that control them.

While those 2 are what i class as my main games at present I also play Malifaux (Guild) a lot, and just started getting into Relic Knights (Star Nebula Corsairs), and back into Lord of the Rings (Isengard and Rohan).

All these projects have stuff on the go at present and as my partner would say my study as more Work in Progress figures for multiple games than most people would be able to deal with.

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