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Pound shop finds!

LETS get started. The title is a lie.

It wasnt a pound shop.

I have successfully gained the much coveted ‘big brother’ (not 1984) boxed game.

To call it a game is being a tad unfair to the medium. More of a half-hearted ramble into the moray of vapidity.



Specialist dice cost far too much.

Bucketload of D6’s? Oh yes. tons for a tenner.

Standard array? Sets so cheap the postage is usually more expensive.

Metal dice ? HO HO NO. T’would be cheaper to build a forge and buy surplus gold from the foundry and cast thine own.



Luckily you can get away with a standard array for 80% of the time.

Unless you play ORKS you need MORE DAKKA, everpresent in the form of the aforementioned BUCKET of d6’s (60 should suffice).


Musing: Additional use for d4’s  (the damage used for caltrops in some D&D editions) as actual caltrops ?


Non-standard dice are expensive. Weird shops sell tat.



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