Overwatch CSGO [FAQ]

This article will help you learn all the details about the Overwatch system in CSGO.

What is a patrol in CS:GO?
Overwatch CS:GO is a system that allows players to make decisions about suspicious players who violate the rules of the game. The game selects players according to certain parameters and makes them “investigators...

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The use of gaming VPN at meetups

Gaming VPN

We at the Bradford Gamers Society play various games from a  single location, which can be problematic if we all use the same IP. The game servers to which we are all connecting, whether it be League of Legends, Starcraft 2 or PUBG we need to have multiple IP addresses. That is when the idea of using a gaming VPN comes in.

Why do we need...

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What games do we play at the Bradford Gamers Society

I would like to discuss which video games are we playing the most at the Bradford Gamers Society. We include various genres at our parties like RTS games, MOBA games, shooter games. It’s important that these games are easy and straightforward to get into without previous knowledge, but also provide a fun experience.

At the Bradford Game...

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