Budget Gaming Setup

Say you want to play the newer games and get decent performance out of them, but you’re on a tight budget. Worry not, there are a lot of different combinations of PC hardware you can use. In this gaming build, I will go over my personal setup and explain the reasons why I picked the components I did.

The Gaming Build

First of all, let’s go over the components I picked.

Why this is a good gaming setup

Each of these parts I personally hand-picked, and some of them I got for a very good price. The best thing you can do while assembling a PC on your own is looking for deals and discounts online. For example, I found the 180GB Intel SSD for a mere $40 on discount, when it’s usually around $100, back at the time I built this PC.

Keep in mind that you do not have to build this PC all at once. Get a GPU, Motherboard, and RAM first, because those parts are unlikely to go down in price until the successor arrives. The other parts you can easily find either used or on mad discounts.

When I first built this PC, the first thing I tried was The Witcher 3 and World of Warcraft on max settings. I can comfortably say that The Witcher 3 ran at about ~50-60 frames at high settings, going up and down depending on the location in-game. World of Warcraft ran without any problems whatsoever at 60+ FPS consistently, unless there was a lot of particles during raid encounters, at which point the frames dipped to around 50ish. All the games I played since ran without any problems. Keep in mind that I was pushing the limits of this build, playing PUBG at medium, which was insane back when the game was not optimized. Other popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO all ran very smoothly.

2019 Gaming Setup

2019 Gaming Setup

This setup in a couple of years

I had built this PC back in April of 2017 and to this day, I can still play newer releases with 50+ frames at high-quality settings. That is why I’m confident in saying this: This setup will be a good budget gaming machine in the next 3-4 years. As I said previously, you can get 80% of the components at discounts and even go below your budget, which you can spend on upgrading the RAM and gaming peripherals if you choose to.

So if you decide to go for this setup, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.


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