Apple Surprises

Analysis: Apple cuts iPhone XR orders

Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang said that Apple is reducing the volume of requests for the production of the new smartphone iPhone Xr, which has just recently been on sale. There are several reasons for this. One of them is low demand, which is aggravated by poor-quality printed circuit boards. According to Zhang, the cause was a problem with Sijia, which supplies these modules.
It is assumed that by the end of the year Apple might reduce the volume of orders for the assembly of the iPhone Xr by 4-5 million units. At the same time, the circulation of last year’s highly controversial iPhone X has increased by a million. The company wants to adjust the release of a new batch for the holidays and various operators’ shares.
Note that earlier, the primary collector of almost all electronics from Cupertino, Foxconn, produced about 60 assembly lines for the XR model. However, only 45 of them used.
It is not clear yet whether the company will continue to cut production; however, it seems that Apple’s smartphones in 2018 will remain in an unhappy trend with various problems.

Apple is again trying to convince everyone that the iPad Pro is a PC

Apple continues to insist that the iPad Pro is a full-fledged computer, not a tablet. And some tests confirm this. The company released a new commercial in which it openly declared that the device “could be your next computer.” However, while more enthusiasts are responding to such appeals, not ordinary users.
Now the situation may change because the iPad Pro 2018 is quite powerful. Also, a full-fledged Photoshop will appear on it, which can become a determining factor for designers. Yes, and the latest chip A12X provides excellent performance at its level.
In this case, even the latest version of the iPad Pro still does not know how to work with external hard drives via USB-C. There are also problems with opening several windows of a browser or another program.
Perhaps in the future, tablets will become at least a replacement for laptops, but for this, you need to change some points in the iOS operating system, which is “sharpened” for mobile tasks and applications and is not well suited for use as the primary workplace. In fairness, we note that Android has the same problems.

Media: Apple has reduced production of new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Apple is cutting not only iPhone Xr production but also the flagship Xs and Xs Max models. According to The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, this is not the first such step.
Publications report that Qorvo, Lumentum Holdings, and Japan Display have revised their profit estimates in the new quarter. The reason for this was the reduction in the number of orders from one of the clients. We are talking about Apple, which brings up to a third of the revenues of these enterprises. Note that Qorvo produces radio modules, including for the flagship devices on iOS.
Besides, the corporation from Cupertino earlier reported record revenue for the quarter, after which it stated that it would no longer report device sales. At the same time, an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities June Jun Zhang said that the reasons for the reduction in production were the low demand for the iPhone Xr, as well as low-quality motherboards.

The company itself has not yet commented on this information.