In this article, you will learn useful binds for the purchase of weapons in CS:GO.

What is a bind?

A bind is a binding of an action as a button on the keyboard or mouse. An action can consist of several commands at once, which will be executed successively by pressing a previously selected button. Binding is added to the console or config.
How do I write my bind?
The binding syntax is relatively simple and consists of three parts.
bind “key” “action”
the first part is the bind keyword;
the second part is the key to which you want to bind the action;
the third part is the action itself that needs to be performed.

The second and third parts must be enclosed in quotes when they contain spaces or punctuation. It is recommended to use quotes in all cases in order not to be mistaken.

An example of a simple bind is shown below:

bind “v” “Say Hello”
This bind assigns to the key “V” the action “to say the phrase Hello to the general chat.”

Why do we need binds to buy weapons?

Binds for the purchase of weapons are desirable to save time at the start of the round. In classic mode, the purchase of weapons gives only 3 seconds, and you may not have time to reach the critical position if you spend more than three seconds to buy guns.

Some people do not remember critical combinations for buying weapons in their head and spend time browsing through the entire purchase menu.

What does a weapon buy bind look like?
General view of the bind for the purchase of weapons is as follows:
bind “key” “buy weapon name”

List of weapon names for binds

Popular weapons:
AK47 – ak47
M4 – m4a1
Galil – galilar
Famas – famas
P250 – p250
Tec-9 – tec9
FiveSeven – fiveseven
Combat – hegrenade
Flashbang – flashbang
Smoke – smokegrenade
Molotov – molotov
Distracting – decoy
Armor – vest
Helmet with armor – vesthelm
Defuser – defuser
The rest of the weapon:
deagle, elite, nova, xm1014, sawedoff, mag7, m249, negev, mac10, mp9, mp7, ump45, bizon, p90, sg556, aug, ssg08, scar20, g3sg1, taser

List of keys for binds numeric keypad.

The names of the keys are signed under each key.
For example, if you want to bind an AK47 purchase to the number 3 on the numeric keypad block, you need to select the name of the weapon on top – in this case, ak47, then look at the key code from the image (google) – in this case, kp_pgdn and make a bandage on the model given above.

As a result, we get:
bind “kp_pgdn” “buy ak47”

Block arrows and navigation.

Examples of binds
Buying AK-47 if you are a terrorist or Colt if you are a counter-terrorist on the F8 key:
bind “f8” “buy ak47; buy m4a1”

Buy all grenades on the numeric keypad button 5:
bind “kp_5” “buy hand grenade; buy flashbang; buy smoke grenade; buy Molotov”

Purchase armor with helmet and defuser on button V:
bind “v” “buy vesthelm; buy defuser”