Difference between RS3 & OSRS – Runescape

If –for some reason– you stopped playing RuneScape back in 2007 and now plan on taking RuneScape up again, the changes that have taken place in between this time will be fairly noticeable. You might be perplexed as to what precisely is the contrast between the two. Is OSRS (short for Old School RuneScape) like a disparate site from RS3 (short for RuneScape 3)? Plus, is the OSRS game like it was back in 2007? 

Lets Compare

When we compare the two, the differences are quite a lot and also very noticeable to regular users. Old School RuneScape (OSRS) also known as RuneScape 2007 was first released in 2017 and came out mainly on the demand of players who were well aware of the game and held a strong attachment with it. Jagex, therefore decided to launch a version of RuneScape from 2007; the Old School RuneScape. 

Back in the days it was exclusively for members and the updates were supposed to be few, mostly for maintenance, but seeing how popular OSRS was with users, a full game was made by Jagex; from available till free-to-play, frequent updates, fixes but with new content as well like the ‘Theatre of Blood’ or ‘Chambers of Xeric’. Old School RuneScape has undergone a lot of changes since 2007. 

However as far as we take RuneScape 3 into consideration, it has gone through even more modifications and a lot of new content has been included. If you stopped playing RuneScape a while ago, RS3 will seem more alien to you than OSRS. The original combat system is still there (which is a disadvantage according to many) and so you can still play like you did before. Upon playing OldSchool RuneScape again, you will have to start with the initial levels and no RS items. This happens because as aforementioned, the backup did not save players data. However this will have no effect on your RS3 account as they are saved as separate files. 

Runescape 3:

runescape 3 logo

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  • Has a much faster progress in skills for most of the part.  
  • Considerably a number of more years’ worth of elements like combat NPC’s, quests and much more. 
  • The combat is relatively much more interactive – this can either be an advantageous or disadvantageous thing, however it depends solely on the individual’s personal preference and the situation that is playing out in the game. 
  • Microtransactions devalue and lower the quality of a lot of content displayed in the game. These microtransactions are also supplemented by advertisements and various pop ups holding no regard of the membership status. 
  • ‘Fashionscape’. One major consequence of the MTX shop is absolutely absurd, immersion-eradicating, lore-breaking and distracting costumes. 
  • Easier to swap RS3 to OSRS gold with ZedRS.
  • Graphics wise they are definitely praiseworthy, keeping in mind the style and also the fact that they are not really supposed to look realistic. On the contrary their optimisation is poor, so you will need a befitting gaming rig and max it out on the max settings at 50fps. 

Old School RuneScape:

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  • Skills are usually sluggish and they feel rather grindy due to less training methods. 
  • The overall content is less in comparison, but unlike RS3 you will not burn through it that quickly. 
  • Since the game completely resolves and is mainly designed upon the combat system, it feels much more natural. 
  • There are absolutely no micro transactions! 
  • Swap Runescape Gold
  • Gaining ground and advancing in the game is satisfying to a greater extent for you, and seems rather impressive to people around you. 
  • Dead content is noticeably less and the increase in ‘niche’ items adds more intriguing plots and variations. 
  • Rent a maxed main osrs for staking in duel arena.
  • The updates are decided by the community – a poll with a minimum of 75% must be approved for the content to pass and become an addition to the game. This can prove to be good or bad; MTX updates and/or combat reworks can be prevented, however rather than voting for the health of the game they tend to lean towards what is beneficial for THEM. 


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