Fastest way to become a beast in OSRS

Oldschool runescape, true way of becoming a beast

Our gaming society consists of many highly skilled players. By default, you need to do your absolute best to keep your skill ceiling as high as possible. To do that, we present to you the fastest way to become a beast in OSRS.

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What do we mean by an OSRS beast and how do you become one?

Being a true OSRS beast is becoming the absolute best version of the character you are intent on creating. Provided you do not wish to buy or rent your character, creating a unique beast account in OSRS can take some time. OSRS is a very grindy game in its nature, so most goals usually take a long time. This is why it’s of utmost importance, in our gamer society, that you pay your dues and mold your character to be the best. However, all tough roads in the gaming industry always have a shortcut in them!

What is the fastest way to become an OSRS beast?

The ultimate purpose of money is so that you do not have to be in a specific place at a specific time doing anything you don’t want to do

– Naval Ravikant


In OSRS, just like in life, everything gets quicker if you have enough money – gold. You can be spinning flax for 2389 hours to get to 99 or you can cut gemstones to do it in 100 hours. Similarly, you can create arrow shafts in Fletching for over 10.000 hours or you can create darts and get level 99 in 4h. The sky is the limit if you have enough gold! However, grinding for Runescape Gold can be as tedious, boring and time-consuming as actually grinding the skills. That’s why the shortcut is simply buying extremely cheap gold in RS from third party websites.




OSRS Gold is the fastest way to becoming an absolute beast in the game


Be wary of scams!

There are countless gold selling websites on the Internet, be careful when you do your purchases. Therefore, we recommend that you only use trusted sources that different members in our community have already used. There is nothing worse than getting banned. That’s why make sure to stay away from suspicious websites, think of it this way “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”,  and always check the reviews a website has. Most fraudulent websites will have 5-10 reviews added by their own accounts.


Our recommendation

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