Gaming smartphone Honor Play


Included is a key for the SIM card slot, as well as a transparent silicone case and a fast charger with USB Type-C wire. The smartphone itself is made quite beautifully: the back side is metal, it does not scratch like glass, and there are no fingerprints on it. On the left is a hybrid dual-SIM tray that can accommodate two Nano-SIMs or one Nano-SIM and a microSD card to expand the phone’s 64GB of inbuilt storage by up to 256GB. Of course, you shouldn’t throw your smartphone away, but, judging by the opinions of people, the paint didn’t wear out during the month of active use of this smartphone. It is better to keep it in full silicone because the device is large and slippery. So thanks to the rounded corners, the smartphone is very convenient in your hands.


The power button and volume are conveniently located, they fall under the thumb or index finger, they are easily pressed and have a tactile response, but do not allow random clicks. Double-click the volume button to pause the camera launch.
On the other side, there is a slot for a SIM card. Internal memory is 64 GB. However, more importantly, the smartphone works excellent with two SIM-cards. When switching between them, there are no freezes.


On the back is a dual camera (slightly protruding). Nearby is a fingerprint scanner. The number of slots is five, so you can easily give access to the device to your relatives or friends. There is the same face recognition software installed. The screen is 6.2 inches, with an elegant and comfortable proportion of about 2: 1. As for quality, it is almost perfect and is not inferior to the flagships neither at the level of the image nor in the brightness of the backlight. There is a correct setting for the ambient light – that is, there is no speed switch, which often found on inexpensive devices.


As for pure performance, there is nothing to complain about. In Asphalt 9, we have 30 frames per second in PUBG Mobile at high settings, that’s about 40 frames per second, in World of Tanks – 60, well, in Mobile Legends, again, 30 frames. So all this without a noticeable reduction in performance and battery power. The 3750 mAh battery lasts for the whole day, and this is due to gaming on the way to work, with the navigator, watching YouTube, calls and the Internet active. If you do not play on it, then the charge will last for a couple of days.
Also, now – a little about the camera. There is a 16-megapixel primary sensor with an f/2.2 aperture, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor with an f/2.4 aperture, coupled with an LED flash. The main camera is excellent: it does not require high-quality lighting both day and night, almost does not miss the focus and does not blur. Unsuccessful frames can happen only one time of fifty cases! Because of the second lens, the camera flawlessly shoots in portrait mode.

Honor Play is a great and high-performance device at its price! For a month of use, the device did not hang, did not reboot, and at the same time demonstrated the whole range of capabilities of the flagship models: from supporting all communication parameters to a great screen. Good processor and the decent camera.