When we play Runescape at our gaming society you are required to have a maximized Runescape account. If you don’t have one by default you have to rent or buy one. The issue is there are many scam websites out there. This article is dedicated to how to avoid fraud when renting a Runescape account. Due to the growing popularity of rental accounts for earning money (or buying/selling gold), the number of scammers has risen sharply. Old-school players know about these scams, but newbies often become the victim of a scam. You can download Runescape from here!

Scam when you make a purchase

I strongly recommend that you carefully choose the service which you plan to use to rent an account. Before buying, carefully read the customer reviews. don’t be superfluous to check the site for feedbacks. Use only trusted sites and services!

One of the methods of scam

This is the most popular type of fraud: You find a website or service that provides Runescape account renting on. You pay for the account, get the login information and log in. You calmly go to your account and replenish your gold balance to make your first staking bet or do anything else. That is just what the scammer is waiting for. After you replenish the account with gold, the scammer instantly changes the login information. After changing the data, usually, the account and gold is transferred.

As a result, we have:

  • 1) Scammer stole your money for renting an account;
  • 2) Scammer got your gold, which you added for staking.
As a result, you lose your money, your gold, and the time you spent on mining the gold. Scammers can also provide you with a cracked account, or not they don’t give you anything at all. So you need to be extremely vigilant and under no circumstance buy accounts from unverified sites/services/people!

Tips to that can help you:

  • Stay away from suspicious sites.
  • Never rent an account from an unknown player (unless he is your friend)
  • The cheaper and more profitable the rental offer, the higher the chance of being deceived.
  • Always check reviews about the renter websites.
  • (Some fraudulent sites individually publish fake reviews that would gain your trust!)
  • Do not buy anything from unknown sites/services/people!
We have our favorite provider when it comes to buying Runescape accounts and renting. So when we gather I recommend you use one these providers: This list will be updated regularly!