Overwatch CSGO [FAQ]

This article will help you learn all the details about the Overwatch system in CSGO.

What is a patrol in CS:GO?
Overwatch CS:GO is a system that allows players to make decisions about suspicious players who violate the rules of the game. The game selects players according to certain parameters and makes them “investigators.” Investigators will have an additional button in the menu that allows them to view records with suspicious materials and make decisions on them.

How to get an Overwatch?
To become a patrol investigator, you need to win 150 competitive games, have enough hours spent in the game and few violations (received reports/kicks).

Those participants who are actively involved in the analysis of materials and make quality verdicts, get more cases for consideration and earn more points “investigator”. These points are hidden and inaccessible to players, however, they are present in the database and are likely to be added to the “investigators” profiles soon.

What is a material record?
Writing material is a game demo, 8 rounds in length, according to which the investigator must determine whether the suspect violated the rules of the game or not. The defendant is given the name “The Suspect”, which allows you to maintain anonymity. After 8 rounds, the investigator is offered a window for a verdict.

What verdicts can the investigator make?
Four points are available to the investigator: aimbot, wallhack, other cheats and the intentional hindrance to the game (griefing). Each item contains two buttons – “not enough evidence” and “suspect guilty”. The investigator can combine several items, for example, choose aimbot and wallhack.

Patrol verdict
Who becomes a patrol suspect?
Players who received a lot of complaints (reports) become suspects. Some suspects may re-enter the patrol to check the investigators on the correctness of the decision. Such cases do not lead to any result in relation to the suspect.

How does the system estimate that a suspect deserves punishment?
When making the correct verdict, you will receive a notification on the main menu.

How much will the offender be banned if he is guilty?
Depending on the type of violation, the offender may be banned too:
a) 40 days for a weak violation (the intentional hindrance to the game process)

Ban for a weak violation
b) forever for a strong violation (cheating)

Ban for a strong violation
How can I find out that my verdict was correct?
If the verdict is correct, you will see a message in the main menu and bonus points at the next game on the official server.

Steam can change their policy, so stay tuned for Steam updates.