Powerleveling in World of Warcraft

In the past couple of years, leveling in World of Warcraft has become kind of a chore, let’s be honest. Everyone wants to jump into the endgame as fast as they can, minding no attention to leveling content. And that’s exactly why powerleveling your WoW character has become the way to go when playing the game. Today we’ll talk a bit about how to level as fast as possible and reach the endgame in a matter of days.


If you want to level as fast as possible, you need to do your research and prepare. First of all, map out your leveling route to the level, with the most effective questing zones and hubs. Also, if you are playing a tanking or healing class, you should always be queued for random dungeons, as they reward a significant amount of experience at the end. In addition, you can buy heirlooms if you already have a max level character. There is a total of 5 items that provide bonus XP, which are: Head, Shoulders, Cloak, Chest, and Legs. That’s a total of 45% increase in XP gain. Next, you should consider buying XP boost potions if you have disposable income.

If you’re lucky and you’re leveling during Darkmoon Faire or Midsummer Festival, you can use the holiday bonus XP items (Darkmoon Hat and Midsummer Festival Fire Pole). Each of these buffs provides a 10% XP boost for 1 hour.


In Battle For Azeroth, with the right gear, it’s easy to pull a number of monsters and still survive the encounter, if you’re focused and know what you’re doing. You can go around a questing zone pulling 3, 4, 5 or even more monsters one after the other and still survive. This is the most efficient method for leveling when you’re not doing dungeons. However, you must remain focused and watch your HP and surroundings.

WoW Powerleveling Boost

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