PS4 or Xbox One? Сhoose your destiny!

In this article, we continue to compare two game consoles. After reading it, you can choose one of them.

Technical equipment

Both consoles support playback in 4K. Both consoles have a 500GB hard drive. Here, a little curling wins, because it can replace a hard one by 2.5 inches.

If you pay attention to the gamepad, the PS wins with efficiency and ergonomics. Although the Xbox Design Lab can customize your gamepad. Regarding the charge, the curling iron wins again. DualShock can be charged from anywhere, either from the pad or from charging the phone, well, in case of emergency, Powerbank will help you.

Let’s dive into the world of modern technology a bit more and turn our attention to VR. It easily connects to the curtain and costs about $ 400. Unfortunately, the Xbox doesn’t have that although the developers of Microsoft have promised to release their own VR devices that will be compatible only with the Xbox. PS4 wins again. It wins due to convenient and fast charging gamepads and VR connectivity.

Multimedia harvesters from Sony and Microsoft

The stream can be run from both consoles. But you can watch Youtube on the PS4. And as you already know, on both devices Twitch is available. For re-recording the moments of the games, curling is better. For playing outside the home, both consoles support remote access. Just configure it and do not turn off the console. And access your favorite games that are available to you from anywhere in the world.
Since both consoles can stream, they can help you to give up TV. After all, they have a built-in browser and players that will support you watch your favorite show or series online. The Xbox One has a slight difference from the PS4. There is an adapter for a TV antenna … Somehow weird.
Thanks to the adapter for the antenna and a better image, the Xbox wins hands down.

Multiplayer and network access on consoles

Both consoles (after subscription), which costs about 60$ per year, give you the opportunity to play on the network with other console operators. Both subscriptions give players a month for two games. Subscriptions offer storage, though, for PS4, just 10GB is not much. On the stability of the network, the Xbox has the advantage of less disruption than the PS4. PS4 PRO wins at a cost if you want to play with a picture in 4K.
Since the network is more stable, cloud storage is more, and the number of games is more (with Gold subscription).

Let’s sum up today’s review of two beautiful consoles. As you can see from the reviews, the PS4 won. Real fans of Microsoft will feel more natural, more confident, more comfortable next to the Xbox One. This is the subjective opinion of the writer. The answer is that whether you should choose the Xbox or PS4 depends on you. Write in the comments on whose side you are.

Each console is good in its own way, and you have to make a choice. PS4 or Xbox.