What is better PS4 or Xbox One?

PS4 or Xbox? Everyone was always interested in the question: What is better: PS4 or Xbox One. What console to choose in 2018?

In today’s article, we will analyze this issue thoroughly, summarizing the pros and cons of each console. Well, here we go.
Like many gamers, console developers are arguing all the time among themselves, and more and more modernized get these consoles. This is normal and healthy competition. With each upgrade, the consoles increasingly look like each other (pay attention to mobile phones as well). What does the Xbox have and what does the PS4 have in common? With each upgrade, an increasingly thinner body (everything is now minimized), a huge number of new and interesting games, and some new features. At the expense of the games themselves, the developers of PS4 focus on newer, exclusive games. And the developers of the Xbox have more deepened link to the old, friendly games that many gamers liked since the Xbox 360. By the way, I almost forgot, the upgraded consoles can run games in the super-cool “4K” resolution (the important thing is that your devices back-side supports the output cable of  “4K”), and can play video format in “HDR”.

The most important advantage of these consoles over the PC is their low price (about 300, or even fewer dollars). Games released exclusively under the consoles are the best of their kind. For example, take Fallout 4, Resident Evil 7, Rocket League or Doom.

As stated above, the PlayStation focuses on exclusives. Some of them are: Persona 5 or Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Xbox one also has interesting and exclusive games, not so much as the PS4, but nevertheless, here are some examples of the games: Sunset Overdrive or Gears of War. If you list all the games, a large list will be created.

In the first, superficial review the PS4 gets the “+”, which offers a lot more games.

Running games from the previous generation consoles (Xbox 360 & ps3)

Microsoft developers took care of Xbox gamers and created the “Play Anywhere” program. With its help, you can purchase a game and run it both on a PC (only with Windows 10 and only with a good gaming computer) and on the Xbox. Games released on the Xbox 360 will run on the Xbox One.
On PS4 you can run games with PS2 and PS3, but for games with PS2, you will need to pay about $15. Do not worry that the games will be in poor quality. At 1080p, they look great. To start with the PlayStation 3, you need to pay $100 a year or $10 a month. The games use its own platform called «PlayStation Now».
In this category, the Xbox One gets the “+”. Thanks to hundreds of games that are cross-platform and play on both.

The arms race between these two avid competitors has been going on for years, and we have seen almost identical solutions. Super fast processors, turbo memory, buffering, GDDR5, DDR3, 4K, FullHD, HDMI, 500 Gb, 1Tb and a whole bunch of numbers and indicators. But the essence has always been that the games do not lag, everything can go to the ultra setting without issues(the cherished dream of any PC gamer). Even before the release of the PS4 PRO and Xbox One X. Any new game was just seamless, without lags and bugs. We did not take into account the raw Alpha and Beta versions from unscrupulous game developers, only normal AAA projects.

In the race for minimalism, both consoles have a design that is very reminiscent of old DVD players and video tape players. After the last generation of consoles, we clearly lack some individuality. As soon as the XBOX ONE came out, everyone immediately began to say: What kind of garbage, I have a DVD of almost the same kind, so he is 25 years old already. Where do I insert the cassette?

With the console from Sony, things were much better, there were just minimal, no too sharp corners, like the PS3, it is just a portable box that harmoniously fits into the interior with your TV. The Xbox fits in the cabinet under the tube TV of your granny.

It took 3-4 years but we rolled out the update for PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim against the Xbox One X, Xbox One S. In total, each generation has three consoles, and all are of different sizes. Want more power – take a thicker console, if you do not like that, then take thinner one, but it is slightly weaker. The emphasis is on a bit because we did not feel a significant difference when comparing them. We still use the 2nd edition PS4 on 1Tb and get just a ton of fun from the gameplay.


Soon the second part will be available in which we will analyze even more details!